29 Dec 2012



Apologies for the lack of posts recently, I've been busy writing my dissertation and the next Bird Man comic...

Online store

I've got a few posters and the Bird Man zine on here if you fancy a little wall candy:


8 Dec 2012


Finally finished my new animation. Featuring HashFinger on the beats, go buy the album at http://hashfinger.bandcamp.com/album/coriolis-effect

29 Nov 2012

Varied Vision

I participated in a pretty awesome art event at Sidewalk in Birmingham last night. I exhibited this stuff:

And peddled my wares:

And drew this.

I should have got some photos of everyone else's work really, it looked pretty damn sexy - hopefully there will be more events in the future, check out the facebook page for updates: http://www.facebook.com/VariedVision?fref=ts

Gonna be doing some similar stuff next Wednesday at the Bristol Pear in Selly Oak if you'd care to join us for evening of art, booze and tomfoolery: http://www.facebook.com/events/379731855444469/

Peace out byutches.

24 Nov 2012

Merveld The Transfuckulator

Painted this cheeky chappy last night.

20 Nov 2012


Submitting this to Excessive Voyeurism #2, hopefully they like it!

2 Nov 2012

getting shirty

Made a tee with an iron-on transfer, so easy!

1 Nov 2012

Bird Man zine

Bird Man Zine with fold-out poster - gonna be selling these with Ink Soup for a measly pound at Comica Comiket on November 10th. Come on down!

Hallo, weiner.

Been a while since I posted a zombie, and it's that time of year y'know!

Planetary Painting

For my new spacey animation!

9 Oct 2012


Animation test for a video I'm making

13 Sep 2012

The Earl of Lemongrab

I made a Lemongrab gif. Blogger won't let me upload it for some reason so here's a link...


12 Sep 2012

Eldritch abomination... IN SPACE

Crummy photo, should have some better ones of all the boards soonish...

3 Sep 2012

More Boards

A couple more custom skateboards...


So here are the first six! Smash me an email if you want one, at peetoman@blueyonder.co.uk

28 Aug 2012


something a little different...

8 Aug 2012

Epic cave monster

Thought it was time for a new header.

Extra large image if you open it full size - and you've got yourself a tasty new wallpaper! CONGRATS

30 Jul 2012

big ass cyborg

A little bit inspired by Giger...

3 Jul 2012

Bird Man and the Board

Bird Man's boardroom pep talk gets out of hand.

27 Jun 2012

23 Jun 2012


Paintin' up some decks yo

16 Jun 2012

'ello love.

Haven't been posting much recently but here's a new grim drawing for yers.

And this fella too!

4 Jun 2012

spacey vibes

Started painting a trio of spacey decks, all part of a BIG new project in the pipeline... it's all very exciting. 

22 May 2012


I made this little animation, using drawings and a little vid. Music's by the Huzzman

14 May 2012


Another monster/girl colab with Lisa!

8 May 2012

Bird Man, C.E.O.

Something a little more light hearted. Almost definitely the start of a series...

7 May 2012

KUN - new comic finally!

A man feels drawn to his city's vast market by a mysterious telepathic voice. What he encounters will change his life forever.

The name 'Kun' comes from chinese mythology, and refers to a giant, monstrous fish...

"Things do not change; we change." - Henry David Thoreau

Printed version will be available soon!

6 May 2012

Boobs n' beasts

The first of (hopefully) many collaborative drawings between me and Lisa Rose Illustration!

3 May 2012

Sad melty man.

He's sad because he's melting.