22 May 2012


I made this little animation, using drawings and a little vid. Music's by the Huzzman

14 May 2012


Another monster/girl colab with Lisa!

8 May 2012

Bird Man, C.E.O.

Something a little more light hearted. Almost definitely the start of a series...

7 May 2012

KUN - new comic finally!

A man feels drawn to his city's vast market by a mysterious telepathic voice. What he encounters will change his life forever.

The name 'Kun' comes from chinese mythology, and refers to a giant, monstrous fish...

"Things do not change; we change." - Henry David Thoreau

Printed version will be available soon!

6 May 2012

Boobs n' beasts

The first of (hopefully) many collaborative drawings between me and Lisa Rose Illustration!

3 May 2012

Sad melty man.

He's sad because he's melting.

1 May 2012

Prepare yourself...

... for my new comic. It's dark, it's gory, it's finished, it's COMING SOON, BITCHES.