29 Nov 2012

Varied Vision

I participated in a pretty awesome art event at Sidewalk in Birmingham last night. I exhibited this stuff:

And peddled my wares:

And drew this.

I should have got some photos of everyone else's work really, it looked pretty damn sexy - hopefully there will be more events in the future, check out the facebook page for updates: http://www.facebook.com/VariedVision?fref=ts

Gonna be doing some similar stuff next Wednesday at the Bristol Pear in Selly Oak if you'd care to join us for evening of art, booze and tomfoolery: http://www.facebook.com/events/379731855444469/

Peace out byutches.

24 Nov 2012

Merveld The Transfuckulator

Painted this cheeky chappy last night.

20 Nov 2012


Submitting this to Excessive Voyeurism #2, hopefully they like it!

2 Nov 2012

getting shirty

Made a tee with an iron-on transfer, so easy!

1 Nov 2012

Bird Man zine

Bird Man Zine with fold-out poster - gonna be selling these with Ink Soup for a measly pound at Comica Comiket on November 10th. Come on down!

Hallo, weiner.

Been a while since I posted a zombie, and it's that time of year y'know!

Planetary Painting

For my new spacey animation!