27 May 2013

Hey y'all! I finally made a real, grown up website so give it a peep if you're so inclined: http://www.peteheyes.com/

Also here's a squidgy Bird Man in space....

18 May 2013

Bird Man gif

Gif version of the Bird Man animation. Can't seem to get the encoding settings right though...

Septic boards 1-4

Finished designing the first four of my SEPTIC skateboards!


I realised Bird Man's head is the exact shape of a skateboard, so just had to do this:

Zombie Skater

You hear a rumbling in the distance. A hoarse moan rising in volume. You push your scooter faster, trying to avoid the fate you know you so thoroughly deserve, but none can escape the Septic Avenger...

9 May 2013

Screenprints and stickers

Added some colour to me stix:

And made some screenyprints, they'll be on sale on my shop eventually if I have enough left:

6 May 2013


A lesson from the one and only Bird Man on the dangers of being hung over at work.