25 Mar 2012

More animatings

So all about making gifs at the minute.

19 Mar 2012

100th post, sha-ZAM!

It's a momentous day. Here's another sneaky peeky at my new comic. I'm going to finish it, honest!

12 Mar 2012

Scriz-een priz-in-ting

So I made this little zine-y thing, yeah?

And the pages look a little something, like this.
That is all.

something vaguely resembling steve buscemi

8 Mar 2012

Because Hodgkin's can suck a nut.

Did a little sutten sutten for Kristina who is currently kicking the shit out of cancer. Give her blog a read, it's as amusingly inspirational as it is graphic! 

2 Mar 2012

Busy busy busy

 With lots to do and a very unfocused brain I seem to have a lot of half finished projects on the go at the minute. Here's an in-progress page from me new comic and an unrelated drawing of some wrinkly creatures going at it.