1 Sep 2013

Animation showreel

I made a showreel to display me animations, give it a view if y'like!

2 Aug 2013

Runnin' fella and some other stuff

I've been doing a weird mixture of stuff recently.

Weird animated running men.

Sketchy stuff.

And starting a new board design!

23 Jul 2013


All this stuff and more is available from my bigcartel. Check it out if'n y'wanna!

27 May 2013

Hey y'all! I finally made a real, grown up website so give it a peep if you're so inclined: http://www.peteheyes.com/

Also here's a squidgy Bird Man in space....

18 May 2013

Bird Man gif

Gif version of the Bird Man animation. Can't seem to get the encoding settings right though...

Septic boards 1-4

Finished designing the first four of my SEPTIC skateboards!


I realised Bird Man's head is the exact shape of a skateboard, so just had to do this:

Zombie Skater

You hear a rumbling in the distance. A hoarse moan rising in volume. You push your scooter faster, trying to avoid the fate you know you so thoroughly deserve, but none can escape the Septic Avenger...

9 May 2013

Screenprints and stickers

Added some colour to me stix:

And made some screenyprints, they'll be on sale on my shop eventually if I have enough left:

6 May 2013


A lesson from the one and only Bird Man on the dangers of being hung over at work.

3 Apr 2013


Here are some "things" that I have "done" recently.

It's sort of Christopher Lee, or as I like to call him The Dark Overlord.

Zombie/Pervert Jesus. Happy Easter, byutchiz.

A few compsognathi feasting on a zombie, for the secretwalls instagram battles. OMG #secretwalls #instabattles #hashtag

I also created maggot man, the lovable genital parasite...

 ... for a set of stickers I've been making:

AND THAT'S ALL YOU GET.... for now.

24 Mar 2013

Bird Man: Editor-in-Chief now on sale!

The new Bird Man comic is finished! Brand new 6-page story with a cover lovingly screen printed by myself. Grab one for just £2 from my online shop: http://peteheyesart.bigcartel.com/product/bird-man-editor-in-chief

6 Mar 2013


Finished the first board design for my new 'Septic' series... you can buy it online at http://www.zazzle.co.uk/septic_zombie_skateboard-186395031587291519

20 Feb 2013

A timely update

Whoa it's been ages since I posted on here!

I'm working on a new set of boards which should be nice and gnarly... back on a zombie tip of course.

Also there's a new Bird Man comic on the way, for the next issue of Ink Soup! Incidentally you can now buy Ink Soup back issues on here.

Bird Man has also joined Facebook in order to hate on a larger demographic, add him for updates and stupid drawings like this:

Peace out yawl!